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Bellingen Golf Club 11th September 2017

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Club 11th September 2017

Wednesday 6th - 22 players for the Chook Run this week and G Jones was king of the hill with a magnificent 26 points.  R/U was Ruth Hall with 19 on a C/B from N Farrar and W King.  P Ireland also scored a bird and B Mitchell got the NTP.
Thursday 7th - Vilma Neill's comeback continued with another win in this week's 9 hole Medley, scoring a fine 20 from R/U Jan Monico.  NTPs went to N Farrar and Karen Wilson.  No Seniors comp this week as they all decamped to Dorrigo for the Veterans Day.  All enjoyed a fine T-bone lunch; B Mitchell won R/U in B Grade and C McLellan took 2R/U in C Grade, what a great day out!
Saturday 9th - the final round of the Treasury Wines Club Championships and it was tense at the top.  The day's winner in A Grade was R Williams with nett 70 (gr. 76) over S Carr on 74 (81).  B Grade was taken by P Lazarus with 67 (88) on a C/B from J Burley.  Laz also won the September Mug for best score of the day.  C Grade winner was B Woollard with 67 (98) over M Gray on 68 (96).  NTPs went to Laz, J Lavis, P Lawrence and M Raymond, and ball winners were GMcLagan, B Baigent, M Raymond, D Lyon, J Molloy and B Mitchell.  Overall winners after four rounds were as follows - A Grade gross winner R Williams from R/U J Taylor, nett winner S Carr from D Mayo.  B Grade gross winner B Nesbitt from R/U P Lazarus, nett winner J Burley from S Heffernan.  C Grade gross winner N Farrar from R/U R Raward, nett winner B Woollard from T Cleary.  Congratulations and well played to all.  Winner of the fantastic Treasury Wines weekend away was J Burley for the best overall nett score of 280 on a C/B.  J Taylor took the Spud Lavender Memorial trophy and our esteemed Captain C Smith won the putting comp with a total of 115!
Thanks to all the grounds team and the board markers - you made a great Championships!
Kind regards
Ruth Hall

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