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Bellingen Golf Club 4th September 2017

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Club 4th September 2017
Another glorious week in Bello, but can we have some rain soon, please?
Wednesday 30th - fourteen players for the Chook Run and the champ was R Williams with 25 points from R/U Karen Wilson having a good run of Results with 21.  W King also bagged a bird with 20 on a C/B.  One target pin went unclaimed, the other was won by B Woodward.
Thursday 31st - a record 17 players in this week's Medley and a welcome return to the course for Vilma Neill after a nasty bout of flu.  Naturally she wasted no time, posting the best score of the day and winning the prize with 20 points.  R/U was Maggie Oliver, proving that the octogenarians can teach us all a thing or two!  NTPs went to Linda Hillman and Roz Hemsley.  
Later in the day the Seniors completed their Championships.  Winner on the day was B Mitchell with a nett 41 over R Williams on 46.  Balls went to C McLellan, D Lyon, J Ginis, T Khan, R Hickson, G McLagan and S McCabe.  B Tait, B Mitchell and D Lyon got the NTPs.  Overall Seniors Champion for 2017 is T Khan, who also won the putting comp, and the R/U was S McCabe.  Congratulations all!
Saturday 2nd - 40 starters for Round 3 of the Club Championships.  'A' Grade was won by R Williams with nett 66 (gr 73) over C Smith on 69.  'B' Grade winner was W Knight with 66 (gr 88) over P Lazarus with 70.  'C' Grade was taken by S McCabe with 68 (gr 95) over T Khan with 74.  Balls went to 72 and included N Jenkins, D Lyon, J Lavis, Heff, T Brown and B Baigent.  NTPs went to R Boyle, J Taylor, S McCabe, Oz, R Williams and T Munnelly.  The leading four in each grade will play together next week, as follows - 'A' Grade Williams-Taylor-Carr-Jenkins, 'B' Grade Nesbitt-Heffernan-Lazarus-Parker, 'C' Grade Farrar-Raward-Woollard-Cleary.
On 14th October we will be holding both a Ladies and a Men's 4somes - 27 holes, alternate shots so find a partner and remember the date.  The eagle-eyed among you will have no doubt spotted last week's mistake - the next Sunday Ambrose will in fact take place on 24 September.
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