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Bellingen Golf Club Results 24th April 2017

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Club Results 24th April 2017

Wednesday 19th - 15 players for the Chook Run were topped by B Mitchell with 24 points on a C/B over M Summerill.  Birds also went to P Warman and N Jenkins.  NTP was B Woollard.
Thursday 20th - the greens were still running fast for the Thursday Medley despite a few showers. A field of 12 needed a three-way C/B on 18 points, including one married couple!  The eventual winner of the wine was N Farrar (do share it with Robbie). The Valley Tree Services NTP went unclaimed, and M Irvin claimed the other.  Tee off each Thursday at 8.30 please ensure your name is in the machine.
Later in the afternoon and where were all the Seniors?  Perhaps put off by a touch of rain, but it soon turned into a lovely afternoon!  6 players battled it out over 12 holes and were mastered by an in-form T Brown with 23 points and two of the NTPs!  R/U was B Tait with 22 on a C/B and the final NTP went to S McCabe.
Saturday 20th - another small field of 29 for the Saturday comp, this week sponsored by the Bellingen RSL Sub-branch.  The winner in 'A' Grade was J Lavis with 41 points over J Taylor with 39 (3 under par!). D Lowe took 'B' Grade with 37 points over M Tate with 36.  NTPs went to K Lloyd, N Jenkins (2), D Lowe (2), and J Taylor.  Balls went to 37 and included R Williams, Oz, S Carr, and B Nesbitt. Next week's event is the Burley-Woollard Brushhook day 2BBB so sign up and we'll see you on the tee.

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