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Bellingen Golf Report 1st December 2012

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Report 1st December 2012

Again, over 30 players participated in the short course challenge, Sponsored by Matt from Coffs city golf centre. Jeff Ridgewell was the runaway winner on net score of 20.6, From Chris Smith with 24.2. The target holes  were won by T.Falloon and G.McGowan.
Saturday saw a field of 45 endure heat wave conditions to play a single Stableford sponsored by Creative Etch, a wonderful shop at the Butter factory complex. Best player on the day was Trevor Wilson Brown with 41 points, who took out A  grade from Peter Tyson on 40 on a count back. B grades Stan McCabe made a return to form with 40 points to win from Bill (I need some shots back) Jones on 38. Not happening Billy. Balls went to 38 points and include B.Baigent, G.Carol,B.Nesbitt, M.Raymond, P.Lawrence, G.Brown, R.Scofield and Bob Aitkin. the N.T.P's went to Bill Jones( 2), P.Lawrence, K.Harcombe, B.Nesbitt and Hank Piper won Gavins balls on the 15th. Very important
Next Saturday is a single Stroke ,Sponsored by Yamaha, and to follow will be a casual presentation of all of our winners for the year, accompanied by a prawn fest @ $5 /head. You still have time to book in for the volunteers and sponsors thank you day on Sunday next at 9 AM. Next week is also your chance to enter the summer shoot-out,where an entrance fee of $5 will apply and will cover all of your games throughout the summer. Enter your names and money into the book on the bench. By the way, a visitor, Gary Carroll, won a ball today and is the son of a past manager of the club,in the 1980's,Phil Carroll. Aren't the greens coming along well? Thank you all for helping and please keep up the good work. Great to see Smokey back on deck, the course is looking  terrific . The last game of our calendar year is a single stroke, and will be our medal of medal playoff,with a neat trophy for the winner.....happy golfing,and remember to repair plug marks on greens,and repair divots...


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