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Bellingen Golf Report 2nd January 2017 (2 weeks)

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Bellingen Golf Report 2nd January 2017
21st Dec - the Christmas Chook Run was won by R Williams with 20 on a C/B from R Cowley.  NTP went to B Woodward.  Later in the day, 16 players for a warm Short Course and the winner was B Nesbitt with 24.6 over G Jones on 26.3.  The target holes were won by S Sweeney and G Jones.
22nd Dec - the Seniors held a 12 hole Stroke round.  T Brown the winner with 43 nett over R Hind.  Balls went to 48 on a C/B and included C McLellan, L Howes and S McCabe. NTPs went to visitor Martin Rose and S McCabe.
24th Dec - the annual President vs Captain day was narrowly won by the Captain's crew with an average of 33.9 points over 33.2 for the President's players.  Individual winners were N Jenkins in 'A' Grade with 41 points over P Lazarus with 39 on a C/B.  'B' Grade was topped by T Cuthel with 41 over R Williams with 38.  Balls went to 37 on a C/B and included D Lyon, S Carr and J Burley.  NTPs went to C Smith, P Lazarus, S McCabe, B Nesbitt, G Jones and C Osland.
28th Dec - R Cowley got the win in the Chook Run this week with 22 points on a C/B from H Johnson. W King nabbed the NTP.  
29th Dec - the Thursday Medley players had another rest from comp but will be back on 5th January for a 9 hole Stableford. The Seniors continued with T Cuthel this week's winner with 29 points over R Hickson with 28.  Balls went to R Williams and T Brown.  NTPs went again to visitor M Rose and to R Williams.
31st Dec - the last comp of the year on the last day, and it was sweltering.  'A' Grade winner was J Lavis with a fine 42 over S Heffernan on 40. 'B' Grade was won by A Bolsdon with 41 over T Locke on 40.  Balls went to 39 and included R Hind, N Jenkins, T Cuthel and B Stockton.  NTPs went to M Tate, G O'Connor, S Carr, M Raymond and J Lavis.
A Happy New Year to all our members and a reminder that memberships are now due for renewal. Prices remain the same for the 3rd year running, apart from Social Golfing memberships, which we have REDUCED after consultation with our members.  The course is looking great and plays fantastically so we look forward to seeing you in 2017. Next week's Saturday event is a Single Stableford sponsored by Robbie and Neville Farrar.

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