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Bellingen Golf Report 8th December 2014

Bellingen R.S.L. Country Club Limited
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Bellingen Golf Report 8th December 2014

The course has shown a marked improvement after the welcome rain, with the tees and fairways coming away. Bill Jones' mowing programme has just increased.Only 17 players attended round eight of the short-course challenge, with Jeff Ridgewell victorious on 22.6.The target holes were won by Paul Carter and Rod Bruce.A reasonable field of 45 players attended the single Stableford on Saturday, sponsored by Suzanne and Col Hoskins. Graeme O'Connor prevailed over Tony Parker in A grade with 40 points on a count back. Warwick Knight's good form continues, making it a double in as many weeks, with 42 points, from Fred Sheridan with 39 in B grade.Balls went to 37 on a c/b, and included N.Jenkins, K.Lloyd, T.Khan,N.Farrar, J.Kearsley, Ross Williams and Peter Lawrence.In the NTP's Clint Samuels scored a double with the others going to Bruce Baigent, Toby Cuthel , G.Hawke and Shane Heffernan scored the GB hole.Next week's event is our monthly medal sponsored by Nick from VALLEY TREE SERVICES.One for the diary is Saturday, 27 December, which is our medal of medals, and mug of mugs/event, sponsored by COFFS MOTOR WORLD.Please use carts responsibly


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